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Must be license to sell in the state of New Mexico.

Grand Opening May 1, 2017 

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Coming Nutritional Programs

*must be in second year of opening




Double Up

Vendor Application Form

Information coming in APRIL.

Locally Grown Produce Available NOW


~~Salad Greens~~



Contributing Farms

Rock House Farms

Red Mountain Pistachios

Red Mountain Ranch

​Sleeping Dragon Ranch

We are registered with New Mexico State University allowing us to sell our Farm Fresh Non-Graded eggs.

$3.00 per dozen

Chickens are laying...especially with the warm winter (so far)...

The Chicken Condo looked like Noah's Arc when it was being dragged into position.  (Looking for the pictures)

​​~~Sleeping Dragon's Farmers Outlet~~

Market Activities      E/I

​2017 Meet the Farmer

100 mile diet

​Your Plate

​Eat Your Veggies

Poster Contest

​Discover you CAN   Learn Make Share

Policy and Procedure Handbook

Non-Graded Farm Fresh Eggs - Sleeping Dragon Future Farmer's Outlet

~~Farm Fresh Non-Graded Eggs For Sale~~

Farmer's Outlet - Opening in August 4,  2016

       Farm Fresh Non-Graded Egg​​​​​​​

DavMid Home Care Services

Cold Storage Refrigerator/Freezer

Meat Hanging Locker   - Opening in 2016

Drive Thru Espresso

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