Farmer's Outlet - Opening in August 4,  2016

       Farm Fresh Non-Graded Egg​​​​​​​

DavMid Home Care Services

Cold Storage Refrigerator/Freezer

Meat Hanging Locker   - Opening in 2016

Drive Thru Espresso

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DavMid Sleeping Dragon services: Drive thru Coffee Shop, Cold Storage Rentals and Home Care Services

To provide an excellent customer service experience with every chore and project by developing a personalized plan that meets your needs while sustaining your independent living and well-being

Hunters - Ranchers - Farmers

​Hang the meat for aging and or freezing before butchering!

Our top priority at DavMid Home Care Services is to help your loved one live as independently as possible while still being safe and secure.  

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Sleeping Dragon

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Farmer's Outlet

SDFO’s mission is to give the community, tourists, growers, and producers of Luna County and surrounding areas of New Mexico, an alternative marketing opportunity for local agricultural commodities and other farm-related products. In promoting the sale of locally grown agriculture goods we enhance our community’s quality of life through produce selection, diversity, freshness, taste and nutritional healthy choices.Type your paragraph here.

Sleeping Dragon Coffee Shop. Grab a cup to go!  We serve more than just coffee and espresso.  See the Menu under the Services tab for options and prices.


DavMid llc has adopted Mile Marker 29 to 30 on the Columbus Highway, Highway 11.  We are in between the two mile markers.  

Meat Hanging Locker



 Thursday August 4th

Hours:  Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays

2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Coming Soon!

POSTPONED - will be opening in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned!

​​​​~~Our Services~~

DavMid Coid Storage Rental is a unique blend meeting many needs in our community. We have even rented a shelf in one of our freezers!

SDFO was created to provide a cooperative and organized marketing alternative for the sale of locally grown foods and specialty products by creating a unique experience to the residents and visitors of our community.

We envision creating a model for our food system that fosters an economical, ecological and social sustainable community.
We anticipate a unique prospect for growers and producers to sell their products to residents of our community where their stories are told by enthusiastic representatives. 
We picture the inherent benefits for the customer, producer, and community when food is grown, purchased and consumed locally. 
We foresee the community’s well-being improving when we provide activities and education that promotes a wholesome, social gathering place.


We envision giving our Clients the impression that they are being deservedly spoiled, not assisted.