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We hope that you find these resources helpful when you have to talk to patients and their families about disease and end-of-life. We strive to be a one-stop information center for our Community!

We welcome your suggestions.

We would also be honored to host any articles you think would help your patients and families.

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Faith Leaders


Discharge Planners

Exercise and Physical Activity

Department of Health - Go4Life

DavMid Home Care Services - an educational platform bringing together Community Health Professionals

~~Community Health Professionals~~

Caregiving and Caregivers

Farmer's Outlet - Opening in August 4,  2016

       Farm Fresh Non-Graded Egg​​​​​​​

DavMid Home Care Services

Cold Storage Refrigerator/Freezer

Meat Hanging Locker   - Opening in 2016

Drive Thru Espresso