Farmer's Outlet - Opening in August 4,  2016

       Farm Fresh Non-Graded Egg​​​​​​​

DavMid Home Care Services

Cold Storage Refrigerator/Freezer

Meat Hanging Locker   - Opening in 2016

Drive Thru Espresso

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​​​​​~~About Us​~~

"Kay Linda Midgette, Brian Davey, their Mission, Vision Statement and Goals and future plans for 2016"

Mission Statement​

Coming Changes in 2017

As a little girl, my grandmother used to always tell me.  "Remember, Kay Linda, always remember...The mountains of the state your were born in."  "But Nana," I replied, "there are no mountains in Florida."   I recall as I stand on our property, our future home, on the side of the Large Florida (pronounced: Flo-reee-da) Mountain in Deming, New Mexico.

Kay Linda Midgette

Member and General Manager


Brian Davey

Member and President

Expanding Home Care Services to include Home Repair and Transportation

Check out this 4 page powerpoint design process

Opening of Farmer's Outlet and Meat Hanging Locker