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Dog Walking

12.  Late payment notices, bounced checks and      

        calls from bill collectors

13.  Loss of interest in hobbies and activities
14.  Missing important appointments
15.  Older unopened mail or mailbox full
16.  Poor diet or weight loss
17.  Sporadic showering and bathing
18.  Strong odor of urine in house, furniture or

19.  Unexplained bruising
20.  Unexplained dents and scratches on a car


DavMid Home Care is available to help with small minor home repairs, installing medical safety devices that would help a loved one stay at home, or larger projects.

Access to a tractor and a dump truck makes larger jobs much easier and faster.

Available soon! Cognitive testing and exercise.  Brain training is fun!

Help With Projects You Have Been Putting Off


1.  Not disposing of spoiled food
2.   Body odor
3.  Doubt and disorientation doing familiar tasks
4.  Forgetfulness or absentmindedness
5.  Trouble with walking
6.  Waning grooming habits and personal care
7.  Sullied house, extreme clutter and dirty laundry piling up
8.  Diagnosis of dementia or early onset Alzheimer's
9.  Difficulty getting up from a seated position
10.  Fluctuations in mood or severe mood swings

11.  Forgetting to take medications, taking more than the
       prescribed dosage, not remembering when or if 
       medication was taken previously

Reviews and Ratings

2/15/2016 - Corina Z.                                 5 Stars

          ​When I broke my foot and realized I needed help, DavMid Home Care Services responded to my rescue immediately.  I had no running water or electricity. That was no problem for DavMid and 24 hour on-call, no matter what the time was with never a complaint. 
          Ms. Kay Linda assessed my every need: cooking, cleaning, going to Doctor's appointments, feeding my dog and tucking me in at night. Her dedication to my comfort, her anticipation of my needs and her foresight to arrange things that allowed me independence were things I hadn't thought of. 
          She truly lives up to her vision statement so that you really do feel spoiled.

Twenty signs that indicate your parent probably needs help at home 

YES!  We are now the

proud OWNERS of the FIT

Independent Living Assistance

DavMid Sleeping Dragon Home Care Services for Elderly and Disabled

DavMid Home Care Services offers more than In-Home Care.

We are looking into non-medical transportation to help elderly and disabled persons to still be active in the community after the Senior Center bus is done for the day.​

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